February 20, 2007

They don't quite have it yet...

There's a certain brand of apple geek who is counting down the moments until their contracts run up over at sprint/verizon/T-mobile. They want that iPhone so badly it may actually kill them. It doesn't matter that the price is around $600 or even that it cannot be insured by the place where you buy it. These geeks are just happy to be able to purchase a phone with a name that start's with an "i."

To be honest, I'm pretty excited too.

The price would bother me if I was buying a cell phone, but I'm not. What i'm getting is a non-contracted portable device with high storage capability, with web/email functionality, a quality camera, and an amazing browser. Insurance isn't a big deal because I'm going to treat this thing like its my powerbook and not my cellphone (which has seen better days).

But I don't really care for the phone. I actually don't give a damn about it when I really think about it. I'd much rather have an apple portable device to accompany my laptop. If the phone function is secondary then i'd be open to it. However, I don't think this is the case since its named "iPhone" afterall.

The phone portion of a portable has yet to join the rest of the functions in my opinion. And i'm fine with just having a phone until then, like i've done in the past...

I have often complained about cellphones with cameras. I cannot fathom why anyone would possibly want a horribly pixelated photo that looks like it came from a crappy early 90s Web cam?

So whenever I would sign up to get a new phone at my prefered wireless company, I'd opt out of the camera phone option. I would do this even if it meant getting a down grade on the phone itself. Why you ask?

To me its not about more gadgets and options availible for a device I already use daily. I wouldn't use the camera option, or the interweb function, or the wallpaper /ringtone/animation function. I have determine that I am not my cell phone. It doesn't need to define me as a person. The only requirement for me is that it can call people.

Besides, for every feature that is added onto a cellphone, the clunkier its OS is going to be. To most people, this is not important. But its everything to me. If I can't hand my phone to my mother and have her figure out how to use 50 percent of its functions within 5 minutes, then that means there is little chance that i'll take the time to utilize all of my phone's functionality in the first place.

One iphone please...hold the Phone.


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