April 2, 2007

Don't listen to the propaganda machine known as VH1

It feels like the '70s today. And I say this will a great deal of disdain. I hate that decade with a fiery passion. Its my least favorite of all. But after walking into a H.G. Hills Food Store in a lower income area of Franklin, it seems like I took a ride in Doc Brown's Delorean.

The whole reason I wound up in this place is because I wanted to be a good coworker and contribute to the coffee supplies that keep us all running during the week. We ran out of fake sugar so I took it upon myself to run across the street and get some...That was when this feeling of faux deja vu started.

Its not like I know much about the '70s since I sure the hell never lived in it. But the all too tacky vibe of a decade lacking computers seems eerily familiar. This grocery store is an example of that. I don't think any design work has been done on it in at least 30 years. The smells, well it just smelled like no one really gave a shat anymore.

Since I had no cash to buy my "aspartame sweetener," (they were out of equal) I had to use credit. I fully expected them to pull out the old school card swiper that imprints the account numbers on carbon copy paper.

But then I saw that they had a machine. It was archaic in itself and when it asked for confirmation it read: Type in you 'Secret Code'

And then I proceeded to take my receipt and get the heck out of there.

I hate the '70s.


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