October 5, 2007

Joost on PPC Macs? How about Never.

When I purchased my Powerbook Mac, I had no idea that apple would release Intel powered processor versions 32-days later. That's about two days too many for me to have returned my machine so that I could get the upgrade. Yet, I was extremely happy with my new notebook and I didn't feel too burned by the company, as many of us do with the iPhone.

My sentiment did not change until last week when I was surfing the Joost message boards wondering when the streaming media program's (which I wrote about previously) company Joost would be upgrading support for Pre-Intel Processor Mac users.

Apparently, Joost hates PPC Mac people. In what was far from an official statement, message board administrator "meccaibrahim" explained that PPC macs just weren't cool enough to come to the cool kids party.

The direct comment:

Posted on: Tue, Sep 25, 2007, 12:38

Re: PPC Support
We're currently working on improving the performance of the PC and Intel-based Mac versions available today. Although there has been demand for a Mac PPC version of Joost, we have to prioritize our business objectives. As a result, we do not have plans to release a Mac PPC version at this time. Sorry.


Never mind that early adapters of new software are niche hardcore computer users like the small pocket of long time apple Fanboys. I think its the wrong move over all. I look at how limited iTunes (and now Safari) was when it first came out, and now is considered the primary choice for music libraries. Joost killed off a huge host of free promoters by deciding not to supporting PPC.

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