April 30, 2008

Spoiler Free Iron Man movie reaction

Let me first say, this is not a review. I mostly hate reviews of things that are strictly creative, art or make a statement. Therefore if I DID do a review it would be something like this:

“See it.” --- # End Sarcasm#

Tony Stark, the one from this movie, succeeds as the all-star version of every tech geek in silicon valley-- a witty, popular billionaire with unlimited resources and enough time to tinker around on whatever project interests them. Mostly tech geeks are also passively cocky, but only in proportion to the amount of success (measured in trade journal articles and dollars earned) they've had. The cockiness is usually pretty valid, too, because these guys rarely disappoint.

Iron Man the movie doesn't disappoint either.

That being said, I've never really seen Iron Man as the standard super-hero archetype. When I was growing up reading comics from back in the day --- When Marvel's brand logo still had the word “comics” in it --- I always saw Iron Man as the ultra cool looking character who's civilian life resembled some rubbery douchebag who's facial hair always matched the decade we were living in. His tales were all pretty dramatic, too. They had to have dramatic story lines because tech in the `70s and `80s really sort of sucked compared to the world we live in today.

So imagine a younger version of Steve Jobs as the hero we all want him to be even though we hear otherwise from the net media. Then, imagine his desire to chase after a perfect piece of technology. Now get Robert Downey Jr. to play him in a flick and prepare to be entertained upon watching the first few minutes of the film. Also, the movie anticipates every single time you would seemingly have a fanboy moment and plays it up to a point that works for an entire audience.

That's all I'm saying. For all other inquires, see my review.



brant collins said...

This was a great movie!

Grammar Nazi said...

A brilliant movie. I can't wait for the sequel.