July 26, 2007

Cat-strodaumous death predictor...

In reference to CNN's report about the kitty who can sense or "predict" death, I must call bullshit.

Check it out here.

I understand it's considered a common practice for *ahem* serious news organizations to run the occasional feature story, but this is just utter nonsense.

If the Kitty Harbinger story runs on magazine style broadcasts (e.g. Dateline) on Sunday night, then I'd probably find this interesting. However, this particular nonsense ran on the morning reel for CNN and Headline news.

I hear our constitution is on life support so maybe we should ask the kitty if it's going to die soon.

Just a thought.


Chris said...

You call "bullshit", and yet, you offer nothing in the way of disproving their claims. Perhaps the patients smell a particular way as they are dying which attracts the cat.

TS said...

Well, I was calling bullshit in regards to a comparison between the stuff happening in our government and Cat's predicting death. When the Feds start ignoring the Constitution, yes kitty grim reapers are bullshit.