September 25, 2007

Singing boring headlines

Remember when radio stations would splice together a word from several different songs to make one singing sentence? Some bored soul, with much more time on his hands than I, created a Web site that will magically translate text into song.

Provided you visit the site, type in "Baby, I love to rock so much it hurts with a good feeling inside" and press play. I basically chose words based on how often they would appear in popular song lyrics.

Rather than decipher each song title and artist in the sentence, I started plugging in bland headlines from major newspapers. (Surprisingly, I detected nothing from either U2 or Bono's voice while doing this.)

And without further ado, I give you the musically enhanced version of New York Times online:

"When Science Suddenly Mattered, In Space and In Class"
(Read the article here)

World News:
"The Rest of the World Discovers the Business Jet"
(Read the article here)

"Flying for the Holidays? Brace Yourself" (Read the article here)

"Keeping Up With the Pack" (Read the article here)

"Growing Pains Give the Mets discomfort" (Read the article here)

"The Problem Here and the Problem There" (Read the article here)

"Following His Trail to Danger and Joy" (Read the article here)

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