February 25, 2008

Coming Soon: US spies increase queue waiting time

I'm sure many people heard the news that the CIA recently decided Second Life had become a liability and a possible hotbed for terrorists. As ridiculous as this may seem I shrugged it off because Second Life has no real point to it. I mostly think of the whole thing as a refreshingly ineffectual way for legitimate businesses to reach their consumers---not terror cell.

Jokingly, I thought to myself, the next virtual realm they'll invade must be World of Warcraft. Its already a hotbed of tension with its barely understandable abbreviations and violent red text. But, How you would go about distinguishing actual terrorists from 40-something pimply fat guys with too much time on their hands... well that's what made everything so ridiculous.

Then I read this story, which basically says U.S. spies will invade WoW to protect us...

So from now on this is how I choose to view our government:

Yes that's right. Our President---peeved and bored after all his friends were bad and sent home to think about their actions.---has decided to bridge the gap between establishment and citizens. Now, not even distance will keep our president from his good friends Rummy, Alberto, Scooter, Tom Delay, MC Rove...and the rest of the crew. (Of course they would play horde side since the Alliance are all N00blet sissies.)

But what will the new GOPwnage Guild do during down time when the terrorists refuse to log into PvP because they have shitty gear and no time to play?

Well I've come up with a pretty good idea of how they will fill their time....Picture below:

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