February 24, 2008

The state of media, government and zombies... Romero's Blog

Zombie movies, which can be classified as apocalyptic fiction, have always been a good source of fuel for making me think about things in a different way. Take away the dead people walking around, the constant smack of flesh being eaten, and the creepy mood music and you're viewing a 90-minute version of a major catastrophe that our government was unable to overt.

I cannot vouch for all zombie movies, just the ones directed by George A. Romero, the father of this particular flavor of horror genre.

But, when I began looking for information about his new movie Diary of the Dead, all I wanted was release dates and theater listings. However, I ended up finding a blog posted to what I believe is the film's official myspace page. If it is genuine, Romero himself authored the blog, which contains much more information than the undead--just like you'd find in any of his films. Here's an excerpt:

"So first of all, can I tell you how much I distrust the net?

"That's actually part of what DIARY is about -- that and a bunch of zombies trying to kill our heroes, who are young film students making a horror movie when they discover the real horrors of the dead coming back to life.

"There's so much misinformation online. So many lies. In the old days, there were three networks, so we got three lies. Now there are thousands – millions – of bits of information, so there are thousands – millions --- of lies.

"Okay, so don't call them lies. Call them opinions. Viewpoints. How do you choose from among them? You have to work. You have to think. You have to do your homework.

"Everyone just uses the new media to reinforce what they already believe. Facts should be facts. But the net has turned them into gossip, rumor, opinion.

"We've always been conned, but at least when there was some management behind what we were hearing, it was benign. Now, with so many voices, with so little management, anyone can say anything, and find someone who will believe it.

"If Hitler were alive today, he wouldn't need a town square. He could just start blogging and attract millions of supporters in a fraction of the time it took him to take Germany to war.

"I'm not trying to do the same thing, to get people to listen to me or to influence opinion. I'm just saying what I think, and that's what DIARY OF THE DEAD does.

"I hope it's a good story and an entertaining, scary ride. But like all my zombie films, I intend it to be more than a zombie film. The monsters are allegories for what's happening in the world. They are any catastrophe. A hurricane, like Katrina. A war, like Iraq. A tragedy, like 9/11. The movie is about what people like you and me do in such situations, and how the government is unable to help us cope."

Link to the full blog post can be found here.
I can't wait to see it.


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