November 2, 2008

Geeks of Doom Feature On digg's Front Page

In case you missed it, my latest Geeks of Doom feature "Four Real-Life Things Scarier than Halloween" hit the front page of social news sharing site Halloween afternoon. It was probably the best lead-in to a Friday night I could have ever asked for. [That's complete trash. I can think of a million better things...such as being paid six figures to write nonsense for the masses.]

Anyways, one of the four things featured a picture of the decade-old dead thing buried in my backyard. I contest the safe logic that this "thing" is actually a dog or cat because it has a friggin' marble headstone and Tennessee does like to leave their graves all over the damn place. GoD Editor Dave3 had the common sense not to post the photo I tagged but I felt it necessary to share it on ye ol' blogspot.

Picture of my backyard:


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