November 10, 2008 Community Funded Journalism - A true model for Change

Do yourself a favor and visit if you've ever been concerned about where our mainstream news comes from. To go yet a step further, if you've ever wondered how to fix our broken media without taking away our freedoms of the press, you really owe it to yourself to visit the site and understand just how David Cohn is remaking the way we do journalism. utilizes the passionate journalist who has a story no traditional news organization is willing to pay for. It pools funding from the concerned citizens of the community to keep the watch dog well fed and willing to bark at the slightest sign of danger. It does this within the bounds of a well trained editorial staff before releasing news out into the world freely and openly under creative commons. It is, and I don't say this lightly, the solution we could be looking for to make journalism work in the technologically advanced future.

And not to brag, but I did call it. (Seriously, check the archives.)

From the Source:
Spot.Us is a nonprofit project of the Center for Media Change. We are an open source project, to pioneer “community funded reporting.” Through Spot.Us the public can commission journalists to do investigations on important and perhaps overlooked stories. All donations are tax deductible and if a news organization buys exclusive rights to the content, your donation will be reimbursed. Otherwise, all content is made available to all through a Creative Commons license. It’s a marketplace where independent reporters, community members and news organizations can come together and collaborate.
Video below:

Spot.Us - Community Funded Reporting Intro from Digidave on Vimeo.

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